Benefits of recycling live Christmas trees

WEBB CITY, Mo. — Christmas is over and many may be wondering what to do with your live Christmas tree.

The owner of Bridgestone Christmas Tree Farm in Webb City says recycling a Christmas tree is the best option.

They recommend taking down your tree before New Year’s because the trees dry out and stop drinking water.

“We like to tell people if you are not going to take it to the designated spot, there are people who want those trees. They either use them for habitat restorations; there’s different things you can do. A lot of people put them in ponds and lakes for fish habitat. A lot of people put them out in the woods for rabbits and quail and stuff like that. Believe it or not there are goat farmers, they want the Christmas trees. Because believe I guess the goats really do love Christmas trees, not for decorating but for eating,” said Andy Johnson, Owner Operator of Bridgestone Christmas Tree Farm.

The farm does not recycle used Christmas trees, but they recommend dropping them off to a city that will recycle them.

Before you drop off your Christmas tree to a recycling site, make sure to take off all ornaments and decorations.

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