Neosho residents will vote on a use tax for the fourth time in April

NEOSHO, Mo. — Same question — different ballot. That will be the case in Neosho in a matter of months. The issue — a use tax.

This coming April — people of Neosho will be voting on a use tax of 3%. Something that’s been voted down three times since 2019.

“The city of Neosho is not allowed to tax that sale, so as econ becomes more prevalent, less sold locally, we’re not able to cain that revenue into the city coffers,” said Richard Davidson – Neosho City Council Member.

While the vote for use tax has been close every time — once as close as just eight votes — one Neosho resident believes it’s important that this time around it’s approved.

“These are the people that you see at your school boards, you see them in church, you’re neighbors with them and these are people you’re invested interest in wanting to stay in business,” said Linda Goodman – Neosho Resident.

Goodman adds it would also give the small local businesses a fighting chance.

“It’s gonna give the little guy, like I said, the small businessman, the opportunity to stay in business, and we do need that. Because look around you. If these businesses around you go out, we’ve got a bunch of empty buildings and there goes our town,” said Goodman

But like every ballot question — anything can happen.

“At the end of the day it’s up to the voters to decide if they wanna pay a tax on transactions that occurring from businesses located outside of Neosho, and it’s also up to voters to decide if they want to spend their money locally or if they want to continue to buy on the internet,” said Davidson.

Voters will decide on Tuesday, April 5th.

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