How to save energy this winter

CARTHAGE, Mo.–Electricity and heating bills are expected to rise this year, according to the United States energy information administration. 

Chuck Bryant, general manager of Carthage water and electric says this is in part due to gas shortages throughout the region.

“Normally natural gas cost about $2.50 an MMBtu, the projections are what we’re seeing right now is above $5, so the gas cost, the wholesale gas cost is double or more than what it was last year at this time already. and we haven’t even had the cold snap yet.”

This is why Bryant and other energy experts are advising folks to conserve energy this winter, 

“I think people should expect to do what they can to conserve electricity and conserve the heat in their homes. but a lot of folks out there will see an increased cost in their power because of the gas shortages that you’re seeing right now throughout this market.”

The first thing experts say you should do is to keep the thermostat down to 68 degrees. 

“68 degrees has proven to be a good position for your thermostat during the winter months. It’ll help conserve some of the electricity. Make sure you have a sweatshirt on and things like that around the house to make yourself comfortable, but that temp is one that makes a great difference in your utility bills over the winter. “

Paul Englert at Spire says in addition to checking the temperature, he says it’s just as important to check the furnace of your home.

“Check your furnace filter on a monthly basis. it’s very important to keep the fresh air filter in there so you have proper air airflow through the filter and into your furnace to make it work at its peak.” 

Most importantly, both say it’s best to prepare now before the temperature drops.

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