Kansas opens vaccine booster to all eligible adults

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Kan. – The State of Kansas has announced that it’s opening vaccine boosters to all eligible adults. We spoke with the Crawford County Health Department about the announcement.

On Wednesday, Governor Laura Kelly and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment announced the COVID booster shots will be open to all vaccinated Kansans ages 18 and up. Teddi Van Kam with the Crawford County Health Department says “It puts the decision you know, to the individual themselves, for them to kind of assess what their, what they feel like their exposure risk is at home, at work, out in the community.”

There are still some restrictions in place, the first we mentioned, you must be 18 or older, and depending on which vaccine you received, a wait time. If you received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, you must wait 6 months before getting a booster. That time is only two months if you got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Van Kam says the boosters are important to keep everyone safe beyond the length of initial vaccination. “The vaccine’s doing its job, because even if someone does become ill, the illness is very mild, they stay out of the hospital off of ventilators and their chances of dying are much much smaller.”

Van Kam says vaccine supply for boosters is not a concern and she encourages you to get yours as soon as your eligible. “We do booster clinics twice a week that we advertise and we don’t turn anyone away, if they aren’t able to come on the days that we set aside for booster doses, as long as they can get here between Monday and Friday we will help them.”

Kentucky made a similar announcement today, while Arkansas announced open booster availability on Monday.

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