Baxter Springs converts old substation into new Liberty Park for residents to enjoy

BAXTER SPRINGS, Kans. — An area community and the utility that provides it’s electricity team up to provide a green space for residents and visitors to enjoy.

What used to be called Substation 291 in Baxter Springs, is now known as Liberty Park. The substation, located near the fire department, dates back to the 1940’s.

But Liberty built a new, more modern substation just west of the old one. So instead of leaving the spot bare, Shelby Stinnett says the utility decided to make the location into a new green space.

“We worked in collaboration with the city to present this nice sitting area to the community so they can stop and have a picnic or take a walk around the trail or enjoy the pollinator plants that we planted, there are 400 in total that will soon bloom and kind of take over the area in green lush,” said Shelby Stinnett, Strategic Projects, Liberty Utilities.

Stinnett says efforts to repurpose the old substation started back in January of this year.

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