McDonald County High School hosted their annual Career Fair after last year's pandemic cancellation

ANDERSON, Mo. — The return to normalcy continued today in McDonald County.

This was the annual “High School Career Fair” at McDonald County High School. Last year’s event was actually canceled due to the pandemic.

More than 35 booths were set up in the McDonald High School gym. Ranging from local colleges, branches of the military and local businesses. Students had the opportunity to learn more about potential avenues the next chapter of their life will take them.

“I’ve never thought about being in the military, but he was like you can get so many loans by being in it and it can help you to get where you need to be in college, and I was like I might have to look into that,” said Ayla Benedict – McDonald County High School Senior.

“It’s great for the kids to get this information, alright. Because when I was in high school we didn’t get that information. It wasn’t readily available like it is now, so we definitely want to push out as much information as possible,” said Sgt. Blane O’Bannon – U.S. Army.

And with presenters being at the high school, it also makes it more convenient.

“It’s hard to sometimes go out of the school into different locations for our business classes, so this is a really nice way for them to be able to come here and learn things they didn’t even know existed before,” said Christine Ellis – Career Fair Organizer.

And new knowledge is exactly why high school senior Madeline McCall decided to go to Pittsburg State University.

“The Pitt State stand here has engineering technology and that’s what I want to go into, so going and talking to him really did help me figure out where I want to go and what degree I want to get,” said Madeline McCall – McDonald County High School Senior.

Along with learning about future career and schooling opportunities, students participated in a career fair bingo. After students completed their bingo sheet by going to different booths — they turned it in for the opportunity to win items from the school store.

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