Friday Blog: Your month long forecast.-Doug

We have made almost to Friday and heading into the weekend.  The weather looks great for the weekend.  I am a little late on the month long forecast due to a few personal reasons I had to tend to.  Check out Friday.

Our next system will be on Tuesday and Wednesday with some rain chances.  But temperatures nice until late next week.

On my icons if I say cold I am thinking 30s-40s, cool would be upper 40s to lower 50s, chilly would  upper 50s lower 60s and above that would be mild.  Lets jump into the next week.

14th – 20th, not to bad with some rain chances by the weekend.  But it gets active Thanksgiving week.

Rain chances on Sunday and Monday, then cooling down the rest of the week with some showers on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Lets wrap up the month.

Up and down temperatures all week but thunderstorms late in the week and possible rain or snow by the weekend of December 4th.


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