Cherokee storyteller Choogie Kingfisher visits Pitt State

PITTSBURG, Kans. — Pittsburg State University students are getting an opportunity to experience traditional Native American storytelling.

This month is National Native American Heritage Month, and the PSU Native American Student Association hosted Cherokee storyteller Choogie Kingfisher in the U-Club Tuesday evening.

Tuesday was Kingfisher’s birthday, but he says because of his love for stories, he wouldn’t want to be doing anything else on this day.

“It gives me a chance to remember those that have told me those stories. Whenever I tell stories, I’m not just telling the stories to my audience. I’m telling the stories to me as well. So, if it was my grandpa that was telling me the stories, then I can see and hear my grandpa telling that story, so it keeps them fresh in my mind even though they’ve been gone for years and years,” said Kingfisher, Keetoowah Cherokee Storyteller.

Kingfisher was honored as a Cherokee National Treasure in 2019.

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