Joplin City Council working to form a resilience planning center for helping other cities handle disaster recovery

JOPLIN, Mo. — The resiliency of Joplin garnered plenty of attention during tonight’s city council meeting.

City council is moving forward with a resilience planning center. It’s working with nonprofits and organizations to help create a disaster recovery plan for other cities to follow.

“It’s a way for us to pay it forward. So if this can help another community that is going through a natural disaster its just our way to contribute to that,” said Troy Bolander, Joplin Director of Planning and Development.

Monday night, city council approved a memorandum of understanding with the “National Institute of Standards of Technology” and the “Center for Risk-Based Community Resilience Planning.” the organization is developing a playbook and creating a software model. Its called “Interdependent Networked Community Resilience Modeling Environment” or IN-Core.

“They approached us about calibrating and validating a model they were creating. The software model actually helps communities make good decisions in a time of a natural disaster,” said Bolander.

The city will be sharing their experiences of recovery after the deadly May 22, 2011 tornado.

“We went through a lot of training and decision making in our event and we would like to share that with them. This group its not their intention to change our codes or policy of the community. But to just share what we experienced to get a good model and help other communities that may have gone through a natural disaster,” said Bolander.

Several agencies will be working with the city on the plan. The city and organizations will work on the project for up to three years.

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