Tropical Update – October 5, 2021

Our latest look at the Tropics doesn’t show any active waves or storms in progress in either the Eastern Pacific or Atlantic. However, we do have a couple of areas we’re keeping an eye on. In the Eastern Pacific, we’re expecting an area of low pressure to form south of the Mexican coast late this week. Even though the movement of this future wave to the west-northwest will keep this away from the Mexican coast, it has a 40% chance to develop into a tropical depression within the next 5 days.

Over in the Atlantic Basin, we’re keeping an eye on a large area of rain and t-storms near the Bahamas. As this wave continues to move northwestward over the next several days, the upper-level winds won’t be favorable to aid in any development. Given that setup, this wave only has a minimal chance (10%) of becoming a tropical depression within the next 5 days. We’ll continue to keep an eye on the Tropics this week.

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