Pittsburg a destination for the Making Kansas Tour

PITTSBURG, Kans. — Pittsburg was a destination, today, for a maiden voyage in the state of Kansas. One of the main topics — manufacturing. It’s this year’s “Making Kansas Tour.”

It’s directed by the Kansas Manufacturing Council through the Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

Pittsburg was this year’s first stop for high school students and instructors.

They toured “Block 22,” two locally owned manufacturers — “PPI” and “Apex Staging” at the airport — and the “Tyler Research Center” at Pittsburg State.

“And the tour is really aimed at helping raise awareness about those products and also to raise awareness about the many career opportunities the industry offers to students and also to adults looking for a new opportunity,” said Sherriene Jones-Sontag, Kansas Chamber of Commerce.

“Being able to know all of the options and careers I could take out of this,” said Bailey LaRue, Junior, Marmaton Valley High School.

“I didn’t even know this existed and I live within an hour of here, so it was a really good experience see just what you can do and what’s available for a skilled laborer,” said Samuel Jackson, Construction Instructor, Marmaton Valley High School.

Bailey LaRue says she’s already considering coming to Pitt State when she graduates.

By the way, this tour also raises awareness for this year’s “Coolest Thing Made in Kansas” contest, the “Kansas Manufacturing Summit” — and “National Manufacturing Day,” which takes place on Friday, October first.

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