Parents flock to back to school backpacks in Galena

GALENA, Ks. – A new KPMG survey indicates parents will be spending around $270 per kid this year when it comes to school-related costs. That’s a $20 increase from 2020.

Wednesday evening in Galena, Kansas, hundreds of parents saved money on school supplies when they stopped by the First Baptist Church of Galena and picked up backpacks filled with back-to-school essentials.

The church was able to raise money for 320 fully stocked backpacks that were handed out to families from all over the Four State area.

Organizers say the event is in its third year and is even more popular in 2021 with school costs on the rise.

“It would cost me anywhere from $65 to $100 per student, and it’s even more expensive today than when my kids were in school. It feels good to be able to lighten the burden on the parents today, especially during this pandemic,” said organizer Derenda Shoemaker.

“Especially with Corona and everything, it helps. It helps in like, different ways. But yeah, for like paying bills and stuff, (it helps),” said Chrystal Green, a mother of three picking up backpacks for her kids.

The backpacks were handed out to parents via a drive-thru system because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Organizers say they are already preparing for next year and hope to give out at least 500 backpacks.

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