Pitt State baseball welcomes 60+ for prospect camp

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Around 60 high school baseball players hit the field at Pitt State Tuesday – hoping to catch the eyes of college coaches.

“It’s a good opportunity to show what I can do, so I can get my name out there and…just play ball,” says Webb City junior McQuade Eilenstein.

“We have four other college coaches here, one Division I coach and three from junior colleges,” says Pitt State head baseball coach Bob Fornelli, “They’re going to get a good look today and see where they might fit in.”

“I’ve been playing since I was six. I have so much love for the sport,” Eilenstein adds, “It’s a good way to escape from life  and just come out and make new friends and compete.”

Pitt State’s prospect camp gives players a chance to be seen and evaluated by Fornelli and those other coaches.

“I’m over here just to get better, learn new things and show these colleges what I can do and be a better player,” Eilenstein says.

“They’ll all get an evaluation sheet at the end of the day to kind of see where they fit,” Fornelli adds.

The players are not the only who benefit from the camp.

“We’ll find a guy or two that we really like today. Getting them is a whole different thing,” Fornelli says, “We wouldn’t do these things if we couldn’t find a guy or two. Hopefully we find five or ten. You never know.”

And if that doesn’t work out – it’s still a chance for Pittsburg State to show off its facilities and the rest of what PSU has to offer.

“We’re so excited to have people on campus. We have a beautiful campus and we have unreal facilities,” Fornelli says, “We’re going to put them in the bus a team at a time and take them over to see the Plaster Center and the weight room and kind of see the campus. Not only our facilities, but we’ll show them the football field and all that stuff. Maybe it’s a kid that chooses to come to Pitt State not to play baseball, but to just go to school and be part of our great engineering program or our construction science program or whatever it may be. We got a ton of options for guys. Hopefully our facilities and our school will show off well today, and hopefully we’ll have some future Gorillas.”

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