We break down the ballot issues for Kansas, Missouri voters on August 3rd

In less than 48 hours a number of four-state voters will head to the polls to make their voices heard. Ahead of the upcoming August 3rd election, we’re going to take a moment to re-hash what’s on the ballot.

Jasper County:
We begin in Jasper County, first up, a sales tax increase for the Jasper County Emergency Services. The current sales tax rate is 1/10th of 1% and hasn’t been increased since it was approved in 1994 to fund 911 services in the county. The increase would take it to 1/4 of 1%, and would help fund maintenance improvements, a county-wide public safety radio system, non emergency calls for service to law enforcement, emergency medical services and fire protection.

Purcell, Mo:
In the City of Purcell, citizens are being asked to authorize the city to sell its water and wastewater utility to Missouri American Water, for $200,000.

Carthage, Mo:
In Carthage, voters are being asked to approve a local use tax which would match the current local sales tax rate, which is 2 3/4 of 1%.

Joplin, Mo:
Over in Joplin, voters are being asked to renew the parks and stormwater sales tax. That tax is 1/4 of 1%, and would be renewed for an additional ten years. This tax was first approved by voters in 2001.

Avilla, Mo:
In Avilla, voters will decide whether or not to extend the boundaries of the Avilla Fire Protection District to include the City of La Russell.

Oronogo, Mo:
Voters in Oronogo will have a tax question in front of them on August 3rd. Today, the Oronogo Fire Protection District held an open house to help educate voters about the upcoming tax question. Voters are being asked to approve a tax increase of 30 cents to help fund staffing, volunteers, and equipment upgrades.

Oronogo Fire Protection District Chief Clay Arft says “Right now we’re currently only working a minimum of one firefighter on duty 24 hours a day, so anything more than that is going to be a blessing, so, makes it safer for the community, the actual residents that live here and also safer for the firemen who are on duty working on those calls.”

If approved, the increase would take the current tax from 60 cents to 90 cents on every $100.

Cherokee County:
Heading over to the Kansas side voters in Cherokee County will be asked to allow USD 493, Columbus, to issue bonds for $14,750,000. If approved, those bonds would pay for improvements to the Central Campus Facility, as well as improvements to the 7th grade wing at the existing high school building, and fund additional improvements as needed.

Labette County (City of Chetopa):
In Labette County, voters in Chetopa have a sales tax question to decide on. The city is asking voters to approve a Retailers’ Sales Tax of 1/2% to be used exclusively for parks and street maintenance and improvements. If approved, the tax would begin on January 1st of next year and run for five years, expiring on December 21st, of 2026.

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