The inaugural Oklahoma Route 66 Heritage Fest is occurring this weekend

MIAMI, OK – From traditional demonstrations with Native American Tribes to live concerts, a new festival is kicking off tonight in downtown Miami.

The Oklahoma Route 66 Heritage Fest.

A two day festival will include traditional demonstrations from local Native American Tribes, 8 different live concerts, 15 food trucks, 60 vendors, a corn hole tournament, and a car and bike show.

Something Miami residents, Melissa Caughman says she can’t wait to see.

“Better for our community, it’s exciting to see new things happening, hopefully it continues to happen, continues to grow our community and things of that nature.” Caughman says.

Being the inaugural year for the festival, visit Miami Oklahoma Executive Director, Amanda Davis says, this is their way of observing what Miami has to offer.

“This is a way for us to celebrate who we are. This is a way for us to come together, its been a very trying year, we’re still getting through, you know the days ahead are still unsure and this is just a way that we can come together as a city, come together as the county, come together as the four states.” Davis says.

But it’s more than just a music festival, it’s creating revenue that the city needs.

“Bringing tourism dollars into the city helps us do other things, and build things back better. So yeah, it’s just an exciting time for us to be able to showcase our city and showcase what we have to offer, so people are more inclined to visit us, ’cause we are on Route 66 and we are an important part of that.” Says Brian Estep, Miami Councilman.

“I’m just ready to see people. So, I know we’re still in a time where we’ve got to be cautious, we’ve had a lot of questions about the pandemic. We will have sanitation stations set up all along downtown.” Davis says.

The festival will conclude Saturday night with a live performance from Thompson Square.

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