News to Know (7/30/21)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Biden announced new covid-19 requirements for millions of federal workers…saying they must be vaccinated or face weekly testing, masking and social distancing rules. That comes as published reports say an internal CDC document warns infections from the Delta variant are likely more severe, and the document reportedly says it spreads as easily as chickenpox. Biden orders tough new vaccination rules for federal workers

JOPLIN, Mo. – Ambulance crews see an increase in covid patients increasing their overall call volume. It’s an issue they saw at the end of last year when numbers were high, then numbers dropped as vaccines rolled out. Now with the Delta variant spreading in the four-states, their numbers are back up. A Mercy ambulance crew out of Cassville had to bring a patient to the Joplin area on Thursday, their second of the day. The crew’s paramedic describes the days as hectic and tiresome.  EMS grappling with increasing calls, longer transports, amid COVID surge

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Missouri Attorney General’s office says it has closed its investigation into Sunshine Violations in the Joplin City Council. The AG says they did not find any violations of Sunshine laws. The investigation came following resident complaints about council members gathering in city hall’s dining room before meetings. The AG’s office says they did provide guidance to the city regarding the complaints. Missouri Attorney General’s office closes Joplin council investigation

MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. – The Humane Society of Missouri says its Animal Cruelty Task Force rescued 21 dogs in McDonald County living in a quote, “appalling situation”. The Missouri Department of Agriculture used a court order to inspect the property of a licensed breeder. The society claims the dogs were in extremely poor health and that there was evidence others had recently died. They say most of the dogs had no access to water. They had to amputate the leg of one. On a scale of one to ten for body condition, only one dog scored higher than a two. Animal Cruelty Task Force rescues 21 dogs in McDonald County

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