Since the Delta Variant has caused a surge in COVID numbers, more people are getting vaccinated

PITTSBURG, KS – The Delta Variant has continues to cause COVID-19 case rates to rise across the four states, but it might be having an unintended positive effect. At least in Crawford County.

“People are really looking at it, they’re reading the articles, they’re watching the news.” Says Teddi Van Kam, Crawford County Health Department Director.

Like many communities across the country, Crawford County has seen its COVID-19 case numbers increase over the past few months.

“May we were in single digits, in June we were back up some double digits, 20s, then all of a sudden we were in the 50’s, and then 100, and last week we ended up with 167 new cases.” Says Kam.

There’s a bright side.

Health officials are starting to see vaccination rates increase once again.

“We might’ve seen 500 a week and so it pretty much tripled. In the last week we’ve had 1,500 new people vaccinated.” Says Kam.

Aside from the general concern over the Delta Variant, one of the main contributing factors has been the upcoming return to school.

“It is something she had wanted from the get go when vaccines were coming out, so it was just ‘When is it my turn mom, when is it my turn?'” Says Christin Jones, Vaccinated Parent.

“All my friends had gotten it cause they have been 12 for a while and they finally got their second shot, and I was like ‘Oh I kind want to get it,’ because I had just turned 12, I figured if I did this, I would help me.” Says Mady Jones, Vaccinated Today.

Continuing to help vaccination rates develop throughout the county.

“About 35% of children from12 to 18 have been vaccinated.” Says Kam.

“If you have any questions, call, call a nurse, call a doctor friend, call someone and ask, cause they’re not going to try and push it on you, they’re going to try and answer your questions as fully as they can to make everybody comfortable.” Says Jones.

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