There’s a new Moto Complex coming to southwest Missouri

NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. – A southwest Missouri family is building a new motocross complex.

Bo Johnson’s grandkids have been riding the track as it continues to form. They’re why he’s building the 4-State Moto Complex. It will be located between Neosho and Joplin, just south of Iris Road.

“Ultimately the reason I built it was for my grandkids: have a place to train, have a place to ride, have a place to have fun, and grow up as a kid outdoors. We’re not real big on the indoor life. We love it outdoors, we camp, we fish, we hunt, we raise cattle,” says Bo Johnson.

Johnson hopes to have a grand opening by late spring of next year. After that, it will be a regular place for Motocross practice and races.

He let KOAM know that there will be no nighttime riding. Area riders will only be able to use the track during seasonal business hours. They plan to have practices once a month and also have concessions, an RV park, and a parking lot on the property.

Johnson says he’s excited for his grandkids and the community to have a track like this in our area.

And for now, his grandkids get the honor of testing it out.

You can find more information and updates on the 4-State Moto Complex Facebook page.

The funding for the complex is through a private investor.

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