A local job fair is allowing job seekers and employers connect easily in Joplin

JOPLIN, MO – Many companies in the four states are hurting for employees, especially in the manufacturing sector.

But one area organization has come up with an convenient way for those employers and job seekers to get together.

The Missouri Job Center in Joplin is making it safe and easy for businesses and job seekers to connect to one another, through weekly job fairs each Thursday inside the building.

To an extent, the gathering is an alternative to job fairs with multiple employers held there in the past.

“In the past we would have, you know, 200 people here on an event day and right now it’s just not safe, especially with the Delta Variant and the COVID numbers going up, we’re trying to make sure that not only are our customers but our employers and our staff stay safe.” Says Pam Regan, One Stop Operator, Missouri Job Center.

Many manufacturers in the Four State area say if there’s one thing holding them back from being more successful, it’s the lack of employees.

AJM Packaging is a Joplin paper product company that employs about 450, but Tyson Schmitt says they have enough contracts for them to increase that number to closer to 500.

“We have had a sharp increase in demand for paper plates and paper bag products since COVID started happened so it’s been challenging filling our orders and it’s been even more challenging finding people uh to work on every single job we have available.” Says Tyson Schmitt, AJM Packaging, Human Resources.

“One per week on Thursdays and then come the first of August, we’re going to two a week and so we have all of these job fairs scheduled, I’m scheduling new job fairs all of the time.” Says Regan.

Job seekers like Cherline Owens appreciates these types of face to face encounters.

“It depends on the company, it depends on the interview but that one there was not hard for us to fill out the form and interview.” Says Owens.

For more information about upcoming job fairs, or how to get your company signed up for one, click here.

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