An event in the Bronx of New York is being held for moms to be pampered

BRONX, NY – In tonight’s dose of good news… Mothers in the Bronx got a day of free food, pampers, and pampering.

The event is meant to give these moms some time to relax and also create some equity in birthing disparities among Black and Latina women compared to White women.

A foot massage, facial, and makeover… It’s a spa day at St. Benedict’s Church in Throgs Neck.

And these Bronx mothers are carving out some “me time.”

“I feel like I really needed it. I’m so tired especially with the epidural.” Says Angelina Hodgson, New Mom.

Hodgson just gave birth 3 days ago.

“Moms do so much. There’s so much that happens behind the scenes that we don’t even know about and so we wanted to be able to give back to the community.” Says Angela Torres, Organizer.

Torres is the woman behind it all.

Every week, she organizes a food pantry here at the church, but took it up a notch this week.

“Making someone feel special is so important especially for mental health.” Says Yonna Lovell, Giving Free Makeup Makeover.

Reports show there are disparities in birthing and pre-natal care for Black and Latina women compared to White women.

here in New York City, Black women are 8 times more likely to die from childbirth complications than White women.

This event is addressing some of those needs by giving out pampers and other resources to help moms, while also making them feel good.

“We’re giving back to parents for doing the extra work.” Says Sophia Lawrence, Giving out Free Massages.

Krystal Porfidia-Sims gave birth to her 4th child earlier this year and is now getting comfortable with putting herself first sometimes.

“When you have children it’s a tendency to put them before yourself, but I’m learning through the process that it is essential for them to see me have great self-care as well. That way, they could in-turn do the same thing.” Says Porfidia-Sims.

And by giving back, these moms are feeling energized to be even greater super moms.

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