A brand new home was gifted to a retired sergeant and his family

RALEIGH, NC – In today’s dose of good news… An extra special ops mission, accomplished for the North Carolina purple heart recipient and his family, given the gift of a lifetime.

Dubbed operation coming home, these paratroopers are on a special mission, deploying to this suburban community outside Raleigh, North Carolina.

On his way to meet them, retired marine Sergeant Matthew Pollizi and his family.

Sergeant Pollizi served 14 years, was deployed 4 times and received a purple heart from an injury in Afghanistan.

And this is how his community is showing its gratitude, presenting him with a key to a brand new, all expenses paid, home.

“Who gets gifted a house, you know, for anything, it’s just nice to get out stuff in here. I mean it’s just incredible.” Says Pollizi.

All made possible by the generosity of Mattamy Homes and more than 70 vendors.

The all-volunteer effort was organized by operation coming home. This is the 23rd hero home thye have built for troops injured in combat or for families of the fallen.

“It’s a tough life I’ve spent most of my years in the infantry it really takes a toll on them, honestly. All the deployments and the time that you’re away. But it’s good now that I’m retired, you know get back to being with family.” Says Pollizi.

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