The Neosho City Council approved an agreement with McDonald County

NEOSHO, MO – The city of Neosho is entering into an agreement with the McDonald County Jail.

“There are certain times we are required by state statue to arrest someone. Domestic violence being an example. If that person may be intoxicated or may be belligerent Newton County Jail won’t take them without clearance from the hospital.” Says Richard Davidson, Neosho Mayor Pro Tem.

Tuesday night, the Neosho City Council approved an agreement with the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office.

The ordinance would let the Neosho Police Department transport prisoners to the McDonald County Sheriff’s Office on an emergency basis.

Newton County Jail policy requires intoxicated detainees to get a medical clearance, but they could be refused at the hospital if they are combative.

“A city is required to arrest someone if they are above a certain limit. There are certain circumstances where they need to go to jail for a night. Maybe to sleep it off, but the jail in Newton County is requiring medical clearance. This give flexibility to the city PD if they’ve got someone in custody to transport them to a jail facility and let them be taken care of there.” Says Davidson.

Police officers can now take combative detainees to the McDonald County Jail.

“Sometimes we’ve had to take them at the mental ward in Joplin other times we’ve had to release them. So this gives us more flexibility to be able to incarcerate them when they need to be for their protection and our officers protection as well.” Says Davidson.

It will cost Neosho $30 a day to house prisoners in McDonald County after the first 24 hours.

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