Fort Scott bar closed due to nearby unstable buildings

FORT SCOTT, Kan. – Sharky’s Pub and Grub in Fort Scott, Kansas is closing for at least 30 days. That’s because a building near Sharky’s, the Eagle Block Building, has been deteriorating and officials warn it could collapse.

The city council hosted a meeting Tuesday to discuss the building. They agreed to demolish it and the nearby CDL building that has collapsed.

“As much as I am in favor of trying to save the integrity of a historic site, it is beyond that. Especially when in fact my dog is in this fight,” said Sharky’s owner David Lipe. “I’ve got a business that’s creating quite a bit of revenue for our county and our city. We should of saved it years ago.”

The City of Fort Scott says it’ll look at grants to help the businesses effected by the issues while they have to remain closed.

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