Tropical update – July 19, 2021

Our Tropical Update on this July 19th shows everything on the quiet side over in the Atlantic Basin. No systems are out in the Atlantic and no activity is expected within the next 5 days. All the attention today is in the Pacific with 2 named systems we’re watching. First, Tropical Storm Felicia is spinning into the Central Pacific with sustained wind speeds at 65 mph located southeast of Hilo, Hawaii. While the latest advisory is showing the tropical storm moving west at 14 mph, an eventual southwest course will cause it to run into more dry air, cooler water and increased wind shear. That will result in Felicia weakening into a tropical depression Tuesday evening before it turns into a remnant low by Thursday or Friday. Fortunately, this system will continue to stay away from the Hawaiian Islands. Let’s turn our attention to Guillermo off to the east.

The latest advisory shows Guillermo as a tropical depression located 685 miles west-southwest of the Baja Peninsula. While Guillermo started the day out as a tropical storm, it’s in a much weaker state with sustained wind speeds at 35 mph with some occasional gusts near 45 mph. As it continues moving to the west at 17 mph, it will continue to run into drier air, cooler Pacific waters and increasing wind shear. Those factors will continue to weaken Guillermo and force the system to become a remnant low by Wednesday. Even with no other systems expected in the Pacific within the next 5 days, we’ll continue to keep an eye on the Tropics.

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