Sarcoxie sign updated through community’s help

SARCOXIE, Mo. –When you enter the town of Sarcoxie, you may notice a sign on the way in, underneath the city limit.

State archery champions for the years 2013-2015.

The issue is, it’s not accurate. 

“The lions club actually got us for it well had something to do with it in 2017 and we haven’t had it updated since then and our greatest accomplishments are not even on there so it greatly needs to be updated,” said Kaycia Woolsey, assistant coach for the Sarcoxie archery team.

In order to update it, not only did they need a lot of money, but the didn’t have much time to raise it.

“We recently found out that everything needed to be completed by July 31st,” Woolsey said,

That gave the team a week and a half to get all necessary paperwork in and to raise over three thousand dollars.

Now with the help of some generous donors, these archers hard work will be recognized.

Like Ally Nordell’s  2018  national bullseye championship.

“It feels really nice to be recognized by the whole town because we’ve been working for this for years and were getting a lot of recognition for it and it feels so good for the hard work to pay off,” Nordell said. 

Or Alyssa Willis’s world championship achievement for hitting 3D animal targets. 

“I mean I got lucky, I have a great team…it feels pretty great I mean knowing that the community supports us so much that they would be willing to donate to our cause we wouldn’t be able to do half the things we do without the support of the community,” said Willis.

Other team members share the same appreciation for the community’s overwhelming support, it’s what gives Allyson Darrow, an incoming sophomore faith that she can count on the people of her town.

“It’s good to have support from  so many people from all around the community and to know they support our cause  and to know they’re there for us at times,” said freshman team member Allyson Darrow.

And with the archery team’s nine year winning streak, there’s a lot for the town to be proud of. 



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