Missouri contractor convicted of scamming customers, ordered to pay back $26k

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A contractor from St. Joseph, who FOX4 Problem Solvers warned viewers about two years ago, was convicted this month of defrauding customers and ordered to pay thousands of dollars in restitution.

Among the victims is Bryan Irick of Springfield who paid Brian Spencer Pummell nearly $6,000 as a down payment on a barn.

Pummell took the money and disappeared.

After Problem Solvers aired Irick’s and another family’s stories, the Missouri Attorney General filed felony fraud charges against Pummell who’s believed to have more than a dozen victims and a lengthy history of convictions.

Pummell pled guilty in May to deceitful business practices. In July, he received a five-year suspended sentence, meaning he won’t have to spend any time behind bars if he repays a total of $26,000 to multiple victims.   

Irick said the first victims set to be repaid are from Buchanan County. Pummell has another four years to repay the victims in other counties.

Irick, who lives in Greene County, said he knows it could be years before he gets all his money back. He said the most important thing to him is that Pummell is being held accountable.

“I found out he’d been doing this to a lot of people, and as bad it hurt me, I don’t want him to hurt anybody else,” Irick said.  

If Pummell fails to pay back all his victims within the next five years, he could end up behind bars.

Pummell was also found guilty in July of possessing a firearm as a felon. He received a suspended sentence of seven years on that charge.

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