Carthage horse show highlights trainers of all skill levels

CARTHAGE, Mo. – A horse show in Carthage brought together some of the area’s most experienced horse trainers with others still learning the ropes.  The Ozark Quarter Horse Association hosted the show at Lucky J Arena.

There were three classes of entrants:  Youth, adult, amateur, and open (which is for adult professionals).  While each class represented a different stage of the trainer’s development, the trainers all went through the same experiences to prepare for a show.

“As a young horse, as a two-year-old, we have to break them, get them started, do a lot, and teach them,” says Steven Lyons, a professional horse trainer.  “Most horses, we do three things; there is walk, trot, lope, and we teach them different cues with our legs.”

Winners are awarded points that go towards their standing and potential qualification in the World Championships.

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