Friday Blog: Month Long Forecast -Doug

Good Friday morning!  I hope you have had a great week and looking forward to the holiday weekend!  Also, the rain has cut off thankfully.  But today is Month Long Day.  Lets look at July.


First off here is your 7 day forecast.  Lets dig into the month long.

This forecast is based off my pattern that I noticed back in 1999.  I have been working and developing it ever since.  So we are late in the this years pattern.  The new pattern is only about 2 months a way.  Then we going into the new pattern.  But we are currently in the 7th cycle of this year Heady Patten.  This is going to be a very typical July.  So lets start week by week.  Recapping next week.

So warm days are highs in the 80s, hot days are mainly 90s, possible 100s later in the month.  Lets look at week two.

Mainly 80s through the week with scattered thunderstorms just about each day.  Week three.

Starting to heat back up, but still some rain chances.  Week 4.

The last week will mainly be hot and dry.



Next Week:  The heat and humidity kick back in.  Pop up storms return as well Wednesday through Saturday.

July 11th- 17th:  A little cooler to start the week.  Rain chances on Sunday and Monday.  Heating up the second half of the week.  Rain chances sticking around.

July 18th-24th:  A warm start and hot finish once again.  Also rain chances each day again.

July 25th-31st:  Hot and mainly dry all week long.

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