Old pipe in Carterville will be replaced Wednesday morning

CARTERVILLE, MO – The city of Carterville is replacing an old pipe near the Jonestown Neighborhood.

Last weeks, a resident alerted Carterville Public Works about a leak in the alley between South Pearl and South Locust Streets.

Crews dug up the pipes and inserted a fitting, but it blew apart.

Tuesday five residents on Pearl and Locust were briefly without water while crews replaced a portion of the pipe.

Crews will dig up the rest of the 100 year old pipe in the morning, and replace it.

“We’re not ready to knock on their doors and tell them they will lose water for this many hours or this many minutes we’ll be through get you some bottled water that’s what we can do. And get it done as fast as we can,” said Carze Brown, Supervisor of Public Works.

Brown adds, residents in the area should not lose water during the repair work tomorrow.

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