Love Letters from World War 2 are finally reunited with their rightful owner

ARKANSAS – In today’s dose of good news… One of the most romantic mysteries is coming to a close, as hundreds of World War 2 love letters are returned to the couples family.

Goodwill industries of Arkansas posted about the letters over the weekend, and today they gave them back to the rightful owner.

It’s the kind of love story you only see in movies or read about in books.

Jessica Hunter and Candace Owen describe their great aunt and uncles relationship as a fairytale. From their first date, to being separated for almost 2 years as the world was at war.

More than 7 decades of marriage, detailed in the pictures, postcards, wedding band, but one thing was always missing.

Over the weekend, Hunter saw this post pop up on her Facebook Page about handwritten letters from a woman named Mildred to her husband off fighting in the second World War.

“I scrolled down to the pictures and I saw the box and I went I know that box.” Says Hunter.

Although she never knew what was inside…

She knew this mysterious Mildred… was her Mimi.

Now, the box is back where it belongs… As hunter and Owen sift through the letters of love, they read each handwritten note, connecting this relationship though miles apart.

And they are just happy they can now pass this love story, down to the generations to come.

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