Barton County Jail to close for repairs

LAMAR, Mo. – The Barton County Jail will temporarily close July 2, 2021 as it repairs a number of issues with the jail building. Most of the detainees will be housed at the Cedar County Jail in Stockton, Missouri. Depending on their population at the time some may need to be housed at another surrounding jail.


  • Replacing small portions of some of the walls that have rusted away
  • Glass that has been broken causing safety concerns allowing detainees to reach out of their cells and allowing them to be able to throw items at staff
  • Malfunctioning doors that do not allow staff to lock down detainees in certain situations
  • Several of the lights have quit working in the cell area; all lights will be fixed or replaced with newer lights
  • Plumbing in the cell areas is also deteriorating, causing water to leak from the cell area to the office area of the building
  • Fixing/replacing security cameras in the cell areas are not working.

Officials will also be addressing problems with staffing. The jail will hire additional staff to maintain constant supervision of detainees. The Sheriff’s Office will also be raising the salary of detention officers to be more competitive in hiring and retaining personnel.

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