"Extreme Sports Scuba" is having their annual fundraiser on June 27th

NEWTON COUNTY, MO – A local sporting goods store is gearing up for its annual fundraiser.

“Extreme Sports Scuba” in Joplin is hosting its “Underwater Safari Hunt” on Sunday, June 27th at “Beaver Lake.”

It’s a free event involving divers trying to find stuffed animals placed in the lake.

The payoff, those stuffed animals can result in a number of different prizes and gear.

Donations made to the event will benefit “Newton County Rescue and Recovery.”

“We have a 45 hunt, hunt zone, so people can search for 45 minutes, or until they get to a certain specific PSI on diving. So, once everyone comes up they can draw numbers and win some prizes.” Says Charles Weston, Dive Master.

There will also be an event for younger divers where they can dive 6ft into the water and search for rings.

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