State panel recommends Bourbon County prosecutor be disbarred

TOPEKA, Kan. — A state board recommends that the Kansas Supreme Court disbar Prosecutor Jacqueline J. Spradling. She allegedly mislead juries in a homicide case and a rape case.

Spradling is the Bourbon County attorney and an assistant county attorney in Allen County.

The Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys argued that Spradling embraced a “win at all costs” attitude in two cases. One was a 2012 double homicide case and the other was a 2016 rape and sodomy case. You can read the full report below this article.

One case was in Shawnee County. She’s accused of falsely leading a jury to believe that Dana Chandler had violated a protection order obtained by her ex-husband, who was killed along with his fiance. The courts never found an existing abuse order.

They heard similar accusations against Spradling in the case of Jacob Ewing, a Jackson County man convicted in the rape and sodomy case.

In both cases, appeals courts tossed out the convictions.

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Friday’s report argued that Spradling’s actions undermine confidence in the judicial system and resulted in significant financial costs.

Spradling admitted in a December hearing that she erred in handling the cases, although her legal team has said the mistakes don’t rise to the level of misconduct.

Jacqueline Spradling – Supreme Court of Kansas final hearing report (2021)

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