Local children’s author & veteran tackles tough subjects in book series

Brave Mee Book Interview Part 1:

Brave Mee Book Interview Part 2:

ARMA, Kan. – Four-State children’s author and marines veteran Laura Wright talked with Michael Hayslip about her Brave Mee book series and the upcoming reading at ArtForms Gallery in Pittsburg.

On June 1st from 1:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m., Wright will be at ArtForms to read her first book, Brave Mee and the Forest of Tangled Lies. Afterwards she will answer question about self-publishing and the writing process. She will also sign copies of her book.

In the first book, the protagonist “Brave Mee” realizes that she is unhappy and sets out on an adventure to seek out the source of unhappiness. Traveling through the forest of tangled lies, Mee is confronted by three lies, and is assisted by three adorable and relatable characters, to find the truth. Once Mee finds the truth a piece of happiness is restored. The other two books also feature Brave Mee and follow a similar theme.

In the second book, to be published in May 2021, Brave Mee Navigates the Angry Sea of Past Deeds, Mee goes out to sea and soon realizes that anger and resentment are the causes of unhappiness. Assisted by a beautiful blue butterfly, a playful sea serpent, and a knowing turtle, Mee confronts the anger to find forgiveness, including self-forgiveness, restoring a piece of happiness.

In the third book, to be published in June 2021, Brave Mee and the Variety Show of Anxiety, Mee is unaware that the symptoms that Mee is suffering are from anxiety. Mee just knows that it steals happiness. To get that happiness back, Mee goes on an anxiety inducing gameshow, assisted by a bouncing frog, a sweet young rhino, and an elegant fox, Mee must overcome the anxiety to win what is behind the curtains and the bonus round, a piece of happiness.

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