Ascension Via Christi in Pittsburg held their annual Cancer Survivors Picnic, Sunday at Lincoln Park

PITTSBURG, Kan. — Staff from one local hospital gathered to give thanks to cancer survivors Sunday afternoon.

Ascension Via Christi in Pittsburg held their annual “Cancer Survivors Picnic” Sunday at Lincoln Park.

Patients who had gone through cancer treatment with the hospital were brought together with some of the staff that helped them.

Dr. Dennis Pickering, Surviving Cancer, says, “The way they treat us like family members, it’s a different environment than you anticipate.”

Joseph Clow, Cancer Survivor, says, “Every time I had a rough day they all felt genuinely bad for me, but celebrated the last treatment day.”

Dr. Boban Mathew, Ascension Via Christi in Pittsburg Oncologist, says, “This is a day also for them to get together and see that the diagnosis of cancer is not the end of the road but the end of a chapter, there is life after that.”

According to the National Cancer Institute, as of 2019 there are around 17 million cancer survivors in the U.S. Alone.

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