Freeman Health System has a new pain reliever for cancer patients

JOPLIN, MO – Doctors at Freeman Health System are using a unique procedure to give cancer patients much needed pain relief.

Osteocool RF Ablation is a pain relieving procedure used to treat bone tumors.

It can be done before or after radiation treatment.

One or two small incisions are made near the tumor and create a pathway to the bone.

A low power current then generates heat, which dries out and kills the cancerous cells in the tumor.

Cancer patient, Janice Grainger, suffered three compression fractures in her back from bone tumors.

But now she says, she’s pain free.

“I would recommend this procedure to anybody that has this problem. Because it works. It really does work.” Says Janice Grainger, Cancer Patient.

“I hope we get a result like Janice every time where we get one hundred percent pain control. But most people will say if you can take half this pain away, I’ll be very grateful. That way they can get back to their normal activities.” Says Dr. Joshua Sweaney, Freeman Neurosurgeon.

Grainger was diagnosed with multiple Myeloma in 2015 and received the Osteocool procedure four months ago.

Freeman Health System is the first and only hospital in the region to offer this procedure.

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