Road evaluation in McDonald county after heavy rainfall

GOODMAN, Mo. — Added rain in the area has resulted in more road evaluation for McDonald county.

The county consists of many gravel roads, like Eagle Road in Goodman.

According to McDonald county presiding commissioner Bill Lant, these roads don’t fare well in the rain.

With added rainfalls throughout the last month, not only does it create more damage to the roads — it wears out equipment used to fix them, and workers.

“We’ve got 640 miles of roads that are gravel,” Lant said. “We can’t haul all this pure gravel on those roads that has to be mixed with clay. So, by the time we spread this, and we get a good heavy rain, a 2-3″ rain like we’ve had this past week, we have to start over.”

Lant adds if they were to start working on roads today, they would probably still be working on damages two months from now.

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