Missouri's rank in state aid for public schools is near the bottom

NEOSHO, MO – The numbers are out, and Missouri ranks near the bottom in state aid for public schools, nationwide.

In fact, it ranks 49th when it comes to state aid provided to K-12 public schools.

Neosho schools superintendent, Dr. Jim Cummins, says even with low funding, they have to take what they can get and mold it into what they do for the following year.

According to a state audit, Missouri public schools receive around 32% of their budget from state-aid.

Neosho receives a little more than 41% of its budget from the state. It’s 30% in Joplin.

“I think it’s encouraging that we continue to have discussions about how we’re going to fund schools. It’s encouraging that the state made it a priority to fund the formula this year. They also raised the transportation reimbursement. Those are positive things.” Says Cummins.

Dr. Cummins says there are a lot of moving parts in regards to state-aid. One is local money.

30% of funding for Neosho schools comes from the local level, thus, reducing what it gets from the state.

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