Southeast Kansas girl puts up non-smoking signs to help make her community healthier

COLUMBUS, KS – A southeast Kansas girl scout is hoping to make her community a little healthier.

Anna head has been hanging up anti-smoking signs around parks in Columbus.

The work is for her “Silver Award” which is the highest achievement for a cadet girl scout.

the soon-to-be freshman at “Columbus High School” says her project is to help future generations lead healthier lives, even after her project comes to an end.

“It’s really important for me, this subject in itself, because we’ve had deaths and other things in the family because of nicotine and tobacco and other things, so I really want to raise awareness and prevent it from happening to other people.” Says head.

Head will have a project booth set up at Thursday’s “Columbus Farmers Market.”

She also hopes to start a “Smoking Awareness Club” in school.

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