Volunteers spent the day cleaning up Landreth Park after flooding

JOPLIN, Mo. — Volunteers spent the day cleaning up a local park to get it ready for little leaguers to play ball.

Due to recent flooding, over four feet of water brought trash from all over Joplin to Landreth Park.

Joplin Little League Vice President Bob Ventura says this is the worst flooding he’s seen here.

Bob Ventura, Vice President of Joplin Little League, says, “Wheelbarrows, rakes, trash bags and gloves. We’re dealing with some dirty stuff, so I encourage everybody to wear gloves, check your tetanus shot, but it’s just manual labor — raking and dragging this stuff off. There’s a lot of trash mixed in with this, so we can’t just rake everything and put it in one bundle.”

Volunteers will be working through the weekend to get the fields ready for games.

Ventura says the Little League is working on plans to move to a permanent new location, which they can only do with community support.

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