Floating tips for Memorial Day weekend, be aware of flooding

Missouri/Oklahoma – The McDonald County Emergency Management Agency shares river levels ahead of Memorial Day weekend. There are still flood warnings active in the 4-States.

Many agencies are urging those who are going to the lake or river this weekend to be aware of those levels and stay safe. You can find resources to area water levels here.

The Grand River Dam Authority Police Department released the following safety tips for floating.

Float safe, smart and sober

  • DO let the commercial float operator know if anyone in the party is a first-time or novice floater(s). They may be able to pair them with an experienced paddler/floater or float the person in a raft where there is a lesser chance for capsizing.
  • DON’T dive into the river from bridges, bluffs, stream banks and trees.
  • DO respect the weather and the water. If tired while floating, take a break on the bank or a gravel bar to rest.
  • DON’T swim or boat alone. Stay within sight of companions.
  • DO camp only in designated areas.
  • DON’T take anything on a float trip that could be lost in the river. Check car keys and other personal effects with the commercial float operator for safe keeping.
  • DO be mindful that – due to recent high-water conditions – the river may contain some debris that presents navigational hazards.

For an emergency on the water, call 911. The GRDA Police Department’s non-emergency number is 918-256-0911.

Wear It! The GRDA Police Department is reminding all river visitors to wear their life jackets on the water. Life jackets only work when you wear them.

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