Electric Car Education a focus in Pittsburg, KS

PITTSBURG, KS – As electric cars continue to become more popular, their impact is affecting more than just the automotive industry.

“Electrification of vehicles that’s coming along very quickly in the United States, we want to be out in front.” Says Dr. John Thompson, PSU Automotive Technology Chair.

Hybrid and electric cars have continued to grow in popularity since first being introduced, and Pitt State’s “Automotive Technology Department” is staying one step ahead.

“Students study DC circuitry, they study all the electrification of vehicles plus the hybrid fleets because we do have a hybrid which is a gas, electric merge.” Says Thompson.

Several major automotive industries have even gotten involved. “Companies reach out to us and they want their products in our program so that when our students graduate, they can go out to work for Ford, they can go out to work for Toyota and understand that system.” says Thompson.

With this increased demand, it has cities like Pittsburg thinking about preparing for a major change in the city.

“We’re going to start configuring our infrastructure with that.” Says Jay Byers, Pittsburg Deputy City Manager. “When we see a demand, and we are seeing a demand, we’re going to think about adding some infrastructure.” Byers continues. “So when we do our planning for the future, in like five, ten years down the road, those electric vehicles are there, they’re part of the future.” A future which is getting closer and closer as major brands continue to invest in electric cars for the everyday person.

“I think most of the auto manufacturers see electric vehicles as the future of the automotive industry.” Says Byers.

“That’s going to put it on the forefront for the people in between the coasts, and it’s going to make that desire for electric vehicles go up.” Says Thompson.

A couple of automotive industries are starting to take their electric vehicle and are hoping to produce them almost exclusively. Toyota and General Motors will both stop the production of combustion engines by the year 2035.

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