Joplin couple finds mold and missing floorboards under home after passing inspection

JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin couple is facing pricey repairs after buying a home.

They had their home inspected and say they were told it was structurally sound.

A few months later they found mold and missing floorboards under the home.

“All the floor has to be replaced,” said homeowner Quinn Torres. “It was bad.”

Torres and Tonya Cusick bought their home in September 2020.

They say a few months later their pipes froze and their friend found the damage under the home.

“Our friend came and thawed our pipes,” Torres said. “He was just amazed about how much mold was down there. I’m surprised I’m okay because I am allergic to it. He sent us a bunch of pictures of missing boards and floors sinking down so much to where our fridge was about to fall through the floor.”

After finding the damage, they contacted the person who did the inspection and did not hear back.

He says the repairs are adding up.

“We’ve been quoted from our friend a minimum of five thousand,” Torres said. “Now, with supplies and the mold treatment, it’s looking to be a little more than that.”

Torres and Cusick are now warning others after their experience.

“Be careful,” Torres said.

“Definitely get somebody to inspect the home that you trust,” said Cusick. “Even if you trust your realtor, go with somebody that is well renowned, lots of good reviews and will tell you what’s wrong with the house before buying it.”

Jo Kleinsorge, a realtor with Keller Williams, says anyone looking to buy a home should get as many inspections as they want before the sale goes through.

“It is part of homeownership,” Kleinsorge said. “Put some money aside for maintenance and repairs. Because they will come. Hopefully they will be minor, but at any time there can be things that need to be addressed, so it’s best to go ahead and start planning early.”

She says to have home insurance and check with insurance about what things are covered.

She also says anyone experiencing issues after buying a home can seek legal counsel.

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