Community storm shelters available in Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. – People in the Joplin area have several options for shelter if the severe weather has them feeling unsafe in their own homes.

The Joplin School District has community safe rooms at their schools although the one at Columbia Elementary is temporarily unavailable.

But what about wearing masks if you have to go to one?.

The Jasper County emergency manager says to keep things simple and follow the rules of the storm shelter.

“The number one concern is getting people into shelter. The number two concern is masking and that depends on a couple factors, one of which is the masking policy for the local entity that operates the shelter. The second one is your own concerns as well. You can’t go wrong for wearing a mask,” said Jasper County Emergency Manager Keith Stammer.

For a list of the community safe rooms run by the Joplin School District, click here.

For a summary of their community safe room rules, click here.

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