Members of vision Carthage is working to beatify the city

CARTHAGE, Mo. — A local non-profit is working to beautify Carthage.

Members of vision Carthage spent the day planting new flowers at the south roundabout near Guaranty Bank.

The south roundabout was installed around 20 years ago.

Since flowers tend to have a life span of around seven years, organizers say it was past time for revitalization at the roundabout.

The organization has also partnered with local YMCA’S

Abi Almandinger, Vision Carthage Executive Director, says, “Really, it’s all about beautifying the entrance points to the city. Obviously, the roundabout is a very big focal point. The YMCA hits people right when they come into town, so we wanted to make those places in particular really beautiful.”

Vision Carthage is funded through grants and is looking for volunteers.

If you’re interested in planting, weeding or maintaining flower beds throughout the city — you can find a link to volunteer here

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