Freeman Medical Focus – Sign of a stroke

JOPLIN, Mo. (KODE) – May is National Stroke Awareness Month and a chance to learn more about the causes of stroke as well as what you should do if you see the signs.

“You know when someone is having a stroke, the longer the blood flow stops to the brain cells will lose brain cells, and is estimated by science about 2 million brain cells die every minute of not getting stroke treatment,” says Dr. Gulshan Uppal, Freeman Health System Neurologist.

That makes time essential in stopping that damage.

First, watch for symptoms.

A good reminder is the acronym “BE FAST.”

“B stands for balance, sudden loss of balance. E for eyes – if they lose vision in one eye, or both eyes suddenly, that would be signed to watch for stroke,” says Dr. Uppal.

Then there’s FAST: F for a face that’s drooping, A for arm weakness or numbness, S for speech issues.

“If they cannot talk, they’re not making sense when they when they’re talking or they’re just confused when they’re talking, that would be, and then T stands for time,” says Dr. Uppal.

Speeding treatment, a drug called TPA.

“Tissue plasminogen activator and the role of this medication is it goes into the blood reaches the point where the stroke is in the blood clot is and try to dissolve this clot,” says Dr. Uppal.

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