Carthage High School capstone projects show vision for the future

CARTHAGE, Mo. — “I’ve had an injury, and I might need surgery later on for it,” said Sam Feurt, Carthage High School Senior.

Feurt envisions a very different kind of bone graft.

“My project is over a three dimensional bone printer,” said Feurt. “I would print out a special filament called Hydroxyapatite that will be used in place of traditional bone grafts — your bone surgeries to make more efficient, better, safer.”

It’s his capstone project — a concept taking months of research and development that could help make patients healthier and safer in the future.

“They develop a prototype,” said Gage Tiller, Carthage Technical Center assistant director. “A lot of times, it’s taking something that’s already out on the market and just a step further.”

Carthage biomed students came up with a wide range of health solutions, from an epilepsy bracelet to a patch for leg cramps.

“I picked an asthma attack detector,” said Grant Riley, Carthage High School Senior.

It’s a STEM focus, but not just for bio-medicine.

One engineering student picked a solution for a common household problem — keeping pipes clean.

“We did a lot of research,” said Aubrie Fewin, Carthage High School Senior. “We surveyed over 200 people and over 60% said they have this problem and don’t currently have a solution to fix it. So, we were like, ‘Okay, that’s obviously a problem in the community that we want to help fix.'”

It’s a conceptual solution today, which could lead to a career and a real world product in the future.

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