Crowder College eyes maintenance projects

NEOSHO, Mo. — A bill pending in the Missouri senate could provide millions of dollars for community colleges to use on maintenance projects they’ve been putting off.

The bill — which passed in the house and is facing a senate vote this week — would disperse $18 million among the state’s 12 community colleges. For Crowder College, the money would go toward maintenance on parking lots, roofs and remodeling projects.

Dr. Glenn Coltharp, Crowder College President, said, “Really, it’s just a lot of maintenance issues. It’s not one single project. As you work on balancing the budget, you have to make cuts to do so. One of the first things that happens is to delay some of the maintenance items.”

Coltharp says he also hopes to see an increase in the college’s core funding — which the senate budget committee will also be looking at in the coming days.

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