Local police and fire departments go head to head to help Joplin students

JOPLIN, Mo. -Joplin’s fire and police departments went head-to-head this evening in a “guns and hoses” basketball match.

This is the event’s fourth year, and gets the two community serving groups together, to see how they compete on the court.

The match doubled as a fundraiser, and was put on by Bright Futures, with the goal to help Joplin students in need.

“We have so many students who just really don’t have everything they need in order to be successful in school. they’re up against some barriers that some of our other kids don’t face. they’re lacking things like enough food to not go hungry on the weekends or clothes or school supplies,” said Sarah Coyne, Bright Futures Joplin Coordinator.

Participants said they played today to help out the community, beyond their job descriptions.

“We serve the community, that’s part of our jobs, but if we have the opportunity to do that beyond what our duties are as police and fire, then we are happy to do that…if we have an opportunity to raise money for the Bright Futures program, it’s an important program that helps the students of this school district, and we’re happy to do it,” said Brian Lewis with the Joplin Police Department.

The funds raised tonight will help buy food for those facing hunger across the school district.

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