Joplin Tornado volunteer from STL opens business in Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. — If you live in the Joplin area, there’s a good chance you know of at least one person who came to town 10-years ago to help in the aftermath of the tornado – and decided to stay.

A woman – who’s now embarking on a new journey. St. Louis native Danyale Wilson saw Joplin in its darkest hour, and never left it.

Danyale Wilson, Tornado Volunteer, said, “I was one of the original volunteers with Americorps, so I did 1,700 hours, 10 months with Rebuild Joplin.”

But her commitment to give or her own time in the community didn’t stop there, and it continued, even in the midst of the covid crisis.

“We did some work with the Salvation Army, we did a bunch of volunteer work with them during the holiday times, that was very important for me when I first came her to maintain the sense of community.”

And, for a change, she’s finally doing something for herself.

“Oh my God I’m so excited, I am so excited to be at this point here, this is a dream come true, something I’ve been working up on for quite some time now.”

This week, she opened her own business on East 7th Street.

“I started online with “Paparazzi Accessories” and then I grew into the Flea Market here in town where I had the opportunity to meet more of the people in the community, and then the opportunity came about for me to open up my own boutique and that’s where I am now.”

Wilson’s store specializes in jewelry items for $5 or less. She also sells apparel, sunglasses, and even candy. She already has her very own sales woman — her daughter — Wilson hopes she carries on the family tradition of serving others, just like her mom.

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